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Sunday 14th July 2024

Here are some examples of John Degay's rennovations of some old Zemaitis Guitars:

Brian Cullen's 1960 Zemaitis Acoustic - in bits!
Brian Cullen's 1960 Zemaitis Acoustic - completed!

This old Zemaitis belongs to Brian Cullen - Tony Zemaitis' brother-in-law. In 1960 Tony gave it to Brian - as a 6-string. Tony later converted it to a 12-string for Brian. Time took its toll and it became in dire need of repair. A few years ago Brian commissioned John to undertake a complete renovation and to re-instate it to a 6-string. Here it is in bits!

The finished article - carefully restored to keep the aging but once again, a great playing and sounding guitar. Click here or on the guitar to see a larger image



1959 Zemaitis 12-string rennovation - front being clamped back on
1959 Zemaitis 12-string rennovation - neck and body
This is one of the oldest surviving Zemaitis Guitars - a 1959 Zemaitis 12-string. It had been in the owner's attic for many years and needed total refurbishment. Here's the front being clamped back on.
Here's the back, side and neck beforehand.
Tony Zemaitis Junior is seen here giving it the once over - glad to say he gave it his seal of approval! (He then asked John to carry out work on his own old Zemaitis 12-string) Click here or on the guitar to see another large image

John Degay with this historic guitar.

John Wrote an article about this project for the Z-Gazette (the Official Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club magazine). Read the article...

In addition to Zemaitis Guitar renovations John Degay has carried out many other guitar repairs and refurbishment projects:
Tatay guitar pre-rennovation
Tatay guitar post-rennovation

This is an old Tatay guitar pre-renovation

This is the Tatay guitar post-renovation Click here or on the guitar to see a larger image


If you would like to discuss getting your guitar repaired - from full renovations to minor repairs and set-ups please contact John